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Web Development – What is it?

  • 09/06/202209/06/2022
  • 4 min read

If you’re confused about Web Development this is a great way to get started and to be able to work out the differences between this and web design.

Web Development is where the developer sees the code behind your website or application. The developer will build you a plugin/integration which could be a small chat box and automated reviews into your website or application.

Is Web Development, Software Development?

It borders the line, for example, Java is used for enterprise businesses because it’s very secure so in FinTech (Financial Technology) places like banks, you may find Java running the back application.

You can also find Android Mobile Applications which are developed in Java but the reason why we don’t always use it is that the code has to be ‘compiled’ – put together to run the application, whereas JavaScript, PHP & Python doesn’t require this.

In Web Development you can have two sides:

  • Frontend Web Development
    • This is often known as the client’s side, which involves the web developer coding in HTML, CSS or JavaScript for interactive elements of the design and website. For more frontend design, please see the web design article.
  • Backend Web Development
    • This is known as server-side which the developer will be ‘programming’ in PHP, Ruby, Python or Java.

Can a developer do both sides?

Yes, they are known as ‘Full Stack Developers’ because they have learnt how to do both sides and they normally cover ‘Websites, Web Applications & Mobile Applications.

It is a lot of information to handle, and a big learning curve depending on the stack of skills you choose to learn and how you blend them into your websites, web or mobile applications.

Yes, it’s an awful lot of researching, practising, and debugging your code and I started back in 2018 when I left windows, trialled around with various technologies learning more about them, literally you do end up sticking your head in the water deep, but if you love technology like me, then why not.

Do web developers handle databases?

They do to a certain degree, if you’re lucky enough to come across a developer who has a passion for databases then why not, but databases are often left to specialist database developers.

What are web applications?

WordPress, Joomla, SquareSpace, Wix, or Shopify, – ring a bell? They might look like a website, but in fact, they’re all just web applications. On websites, they can easily be edited through the server or upload files via FTPs.

Web applications are packaged differently and they require to be built for the web, a bit like wrapping a Christmas present, once it’s wrapped, you can’t edit the code and so you would need to do another release.

What is a web development framework?

A web development framework is like a library full of packages coded in Java, JavaScript, PHP or Python which helps us, web developers, to build web applications.

If we were to write an application in its languages like python or javascript, it would take us quite some time to build an application and deploy it to the web. So Developers started building frameworks which helped to speed up the delivery of web applications in web development.

What is DevOps?

Dev Ops is the bridge where developers pull the code from the repository such as BitBucket, and Github and then will deploy the code to a designated server in the cloud such as AWS or Google Cloud through a CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous deployment) which makes it a lot easier than doing it manually.

Is DevOps needed for my project?

If you just want a simple website to be designed and developed on WordPress, then more than likely no, it would not be needed unless you were building a plugin which may require further updates over time.

DevOps is normally used mainly for applications which might have a ‘pipeline’ of elements which they must be able to meet in the condition of the application to be published to the public, like publishing a mobile application to the apple or google app stores.

I hope this information is able to help you more, and any questions about web development especially please follow my personal blog –

Bridget Sarah