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Lost Samsung Phone – Part 1 – The Story

  • 17/06/202217/06/2022
  • 3 min read

Is your Samsung phone lost or stolen? True Story and if you’re worried about your data – please read and share it with others. Samsung Phones are trackable, lockable and have no resale value if you should come across one. Read the series of unfortunate events which led to my phone being stolen and found.

If you find a Samsung phone, I would be a true angel and try to find out and return it to its owner, before you’re soon wanted for theft. I hope this article helps to deter anyone who might be interested in finding/stealing lost Samsung phones.

Saturday 11th June 2022, I was on my way back from viewing a property and it was a truly terrible afternoon for me. What’s worst, it was a snowballed event which was starting to unfold without me realising until simply it was too late.

The start of the snowball effect

1st Snowball Event – Trains Delayed.

I arrived at Liverpool Street, to be told there was a delay, and then found out there was a fatal signal error on the lines which stopped overground trains going east. My feet were killing me, my headache was starting and I was tired… So I took the central line underground to Newbury Park and requested an Uber Taxi.

On my way back, I said to the driver, when I get in, let me charge my phone as it was almost dead – connected to a power bank and I’ll get a coffee. Closed the door and without knowingly left my phone, and power bank in the back seat of the Uber Car.

Got home and realised…… **************

  • 2nd Snowball – No Phone Line at home (only broadband)
  • 3rd Snowball – No Phone / Mobile to cancel cards or call Uber.
  • 4th Snowball – No Cash or a card to use to take a bus to track my phone.
  • 5th Snowball – Phone, Cards, ID now GONE.
  • 6th Snowball – No Personal / Business Number – for clients.
  • 7th Snowball – Could no longer log in to apps/accounts, without a phone.

The good news is that I had installed a separate tracking application which was called ‘Life 360’ which was helping us to track and locate it around Dagenham to meet the Uber driver and locate the passenger who was at a football ground. I asked all the kids if they knew who had it and a £100 cash reward would be offered who found it.

No luck, we flagged down local police offers, which started to search and then located my business cards, and Zara gift card and it hit me, could not stop my eyes from watering. – Many people would think at this point, due to the panic and stress, this is why I cried. No, it was because the phone was a gift from a person I sincerely appreciated in my life, little did I know that person would disappear without a trace earlier this year.

As a Full Stack Developer, I wasn’t worried about my client’s data because it was safe. I had set up the device on cloud backup when I received it and the person would have quite a hard try breaking into the device because it was being tracked and encrypted too.. and at the worse, I could initiate a device wipe remotely.

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Bridget Sarah