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Lost Samsung – Part 3 – Returned Mobile

  • 17/06/202217/06/2022
  • 2 min read

You got it back! Great… it’s locked….. Is it really worth taking mobiles anymore? No…

As you can see, ‘Sim 1/2 Not Allowed’ – means that the device is locked on the network which disables the phone for calls/messages – cannot be unlocked unless it’s the network operator of the phone (even with a sim change) as it freezes the IMEM numbers (and i had two!)

The A4 Poster I created was noticed by the lads and it freaked them out, and they ditched it into a dog bin.

A lady who had seen the post and knew these lads were in that area at that time managed to locate the device to return it to me – This lady is an angel, and proves there are angels out there, if you make enough noise, they will listen. I’ll always be in-debt to this lovely lady.

Screenshot 20220614 184924 One UI Home 1

Unlocking Device / Erasing

After charging it, I unlocked the phone and hoped the erase codes didn’t go through.

As soon as the phone is connected to wifi – that’s it – my screen turned black and started erasing itself… At least it does work in Samsung Find My Mobile.

IMG 0443

Finally Working...

Yesterday, I was finally able to start using my device again, but this time I have separated my personal and business sim cards to ensure that it won’t happen again.

Even though the case is great, which stops breakages the screen from breaking, storing your cards is a stupid mistake.

If you should have this case, ensure the case is ‘brightly coloured’ so it can be spotted easily and store your debit/credit cards inside Google, Samsung Pay.

20220614 172730 1

Bridget Sarah