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Lost Samsung – Part 2 – What can you do?

  • 17/06/202217/06/2022
  • 4 min read

What can you do during this stressful time? Does the Tracking Help on your phone with the police? Read to find out..

Did the tracking help the police?

Not really – the issue is, even if you have the tracking, it’s not enough evidence for the police to knock on someone’s door to warrant a search of the property because they need to obtain evidence (photo/video/witness) proving a person stole it and resides at that address where you have tracked your phone.

Additional to this, tracking goes off the sim cards and the mobile marks which cannot give an accurate location, even with two independent mobile application applications and this frustrated me even more as an applications developer.

What can the police help you with?

  • Crime Reference Number / IMEI: Getting your IMEI number and attaching it to your reference number will help. If the IMEM turns up at a shop, the police will be notified.
  • If it’s on the run ( in a car) : The police can chase because they have more power to randomly stop and search a vehicle.
  • Smart Watch / Tablet: If you have your tablet or smart watch which was paired to your mobile, you might be able to track it with ‘Find My Mobile‘ (provided that you have public wifi) – the police officer did help and projected a hotspot for us to try but no luck, unfortunately.

What else can you do?

Make it a challenge for the person, there’s no sale value in having this phone now if it’s locked and stolen/lost.

  • Lock the Device / Network Operator – Call 02, Vodafone, EE and ask them to lock it on the network, they can also provide your IMEI number if you don’t know it.
  • Leave a Message – Visit – ‘Find My Mobile’ online and leave them a police message – ‘ This phone is stolen – Crime Ref ‘ and my new mobile number in which I had to get a new sim card.
  • Use ‘Find My Mobile’ – on the web and leave the person a message like I did, which had my mobile number followed with a crime reference number.
  • Be Proactive – See I don’t just hold relentless experience in IT, I also hold 3 years worth of Logistics specialising in tracking of parcels and locating lost shipments UK + Internationally WorldWide. So I created an A4 page with the last known tracking details and that now the person was wanted for Theft & Fraud and shared it all over the local groups…
  • Be Patient – I know its hard and I didn’t sleep well either because I had to break into a lot of online accounts with Two Way Authentication (Authenticator being my mobile!).

The last known location was updated on Sunday at 2.59 am and had not moved since then. It was either on charge or now it was dead – I couldn’t be sure. I sent the final commands to the device to erase my data – Note, even if this happens – You can still track your device on ‘Samsung Find My Mobile on the web.

Notes on Encrypted Data

Even for an IT professional – it is extremely hard to recover the data unless you have a cloud backup. The data otherwise will come out something like the following which is a bit useless to the common user unless they know how to sort it – ‘kjksfsfs0352573/’

Most people said good luck or the police wouldn’t follow through… or that I would not receive my phone back…. I gave it ago and hoped for an angel to return it.

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Bridget Sarah