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5 Website builders for Web Design

  • 08/06/202208/06/2022
  • 3 min read

If you’re looking at Web Design, it’s a lot more simpler than years ago when we didn’t have nice looking user interfaces (UI). Here are 5 Website builders you can use to run your website.

If you’re looking for a simple website builder, WordPress would be one of the most simplest website builders you can use to build and design your website.

WordPress has thousands of free templates (themes) you can easily download and customise to your liking, it’s much easier once you have the ins and outs of it down.

For example, we use WordPress to stage our clients website and design them live on the server because if we need the client to check the design at any point, we can simply give them the link and they can let us know the changes.

But beware, there are two versions of WordPress to choose

WordPress (OpenSource) – Free
This version is the best version to use it providing that you purchase it from a 3rd party (web host) like Studio Lyntree as it comes installed on our servers. You can download as many themes, plugins and do almost anything with it. (Paid Version)
This version will cost you a bomb because the ‘plugins and themes’ cost with it, and this is how WordPress make there money off it by charging you for themes/plugins to design your website with. It’s recommended if you don’t want to do the (Open source way).


As much as Wix is advertised on tv as a simple website builder, we can vouch from a web design point, and it’s interface is very complex and confusing. There are some great perks, with integrations but they will cost you a pretty penny and if you’re after a specific solution – this will not always work.


We have touched base a few times, the editor its self for SquareSpace is very much like WordPress created in ‘Blocks’ and I must admit SquareSpace does have a pretty trendy card machine if your looking at taking payments in person as I used yesterday at my local shop.


Weebly is normally installed free on most web hosts which you can access and drag and drop and design your website easily, it’s simular to SquareSpace and WordPress or it’s plugins such as ‘Elementor, WPBakery’.


Webflow is a new builder which is used more for web design professionals who might want to design their web site and export the layout via HTML/CSS in a zip file to sell on for example. You can also use Webflow to host and manage the website you have designed but again it will cost a pretty penny.

If you speak to a professional website designer, which is more useful and which costs less, you will find that most practitioners will recommend WordPress due to it’s elasticity in which you can easily scale a small business into a startup going into an enterprise direction for content management.

iin our next article, we will be talking about finding the right laptop for web design.

Bridget Sarah